miércoles, 1 de septiembre de 2010

Time goes by, don't waste it...

HELLO! I´m Sofia and I alwalys wanted to make a blog just to express myself and to have a space where I could express my feelings, thoughts & points of view.  I´m a girl who likes enjoying life a hundred porcent, I´m a person and that´s why I have bad moments like everyone else but i always try to do my best and think positive. I love to hang out with friends, dance, listen to music, take pictures and edit them, have some time with my family. I hate hipocrisy. Once I know you i can be a very good friend. I believe that wishes do come true but only if you REALLY WISH FOR IT!
Thanks for reading PINK COLADA

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sara viviana való dijo...

i'm enjoy be with you :)

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