lunes, 7 de marzo de 2011

#18 Birthday. just once in a life!

My birthday was this Saturday 5th of March, I turned 18 years old. On friday night I went to Lums Bar, which is a really nice place, where the music is really good, and I had an amazing night with one of my older sisters and friends. After Lums we when to a tacos place :)
On Saturday I went with my mom and my grandma to buy all the stuff for my birthday party, after that we went to a sushi Restaurant, which I love. In the night I had a nice party, with music, some snacks, drinks and my friends :)

Pink&LoveColada <3 

Saturday Night:



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calla dijo...

i love your top!!!

great pics!


Mariel Villanueva dijo...

A belated happy birthday!

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